Terms and Conditions

For all websites and online systems


Services under these terms and conditions are provided by The Byte Shed: Sudbury, Suffolk.

Hosting Server

Byte Shed reserve the right to suspend/terminate accounts or disallow access to the servers. FTP access may be granted to bone fide professionals upon production of proof of competency.


We provide a support service that can be accessed through the online contact form, email, landline and mobile telephone. Please note, advanced notice will be given for periods of vacation during which time only urgent work and requests will be carried out.


In accordance with common practice in the internet industry hosting accounts are set up and administered on the basis of payment in advance. At Byte Shed we charge for hosting six months in advance to obtain discounts as outlined in next paragraph.

The Byte Shed hosts websites on a modern cloud server and obtains services 12 months in advance to gain preferential discounted rates which are passed on to our clients. We believe this gives our clients excellent value for money at a time when internet costs are increasing.

Clients can cancel their hosting account at any time by giving 30 days notice to Byte Shed prior to their account renewal date of 1st April and 1st October each year. In the absence of such cancellation notice the hosting will run for the full six month period from the next renewal date.

Charges for regular work such as database updates are made at the end of each billing period and are not paid for in advance.


The Byte Shed shall not be responsible for any liabilities, losses, costs and claims that may arise from any services provided.


The Byte Shed utilises server security softare which we do not name here for security purposes. This software defends our server, emails, websites and online systems from most common server attacks and is updated on a regular basis.


Although The Byte Shed takes the utmost care when hosting, programming and updating online systems and websites we give no warranty of any kind against hardware failure, unauthorised accesses(hacking), loss of service or loss of data.